Internet and social media marketing in 2018

Internet and social media marketing in 2018
Internet and social media marketing in 2018

The e-retail sales in the United States amounted to almost 295 billion dollars according to statista. In 2016 the US had a population of 323 million with 250 million over the age of 18. That means that in 2016, the average adult in the US spent $1,180 on online purchases. The ACS 1-year shows the per capita income in the United States was $29,979 in 2015. Therefore, the average american spent roughly 4% of their total income selecting online purchases. That’s a lot of money that advertisement through the internet can influence! Marketing doesn’t just apply and influence people to purchase things online though, in the US 90% of the population uses the internet on a regular bases according to

Advertisements take on all sorts of forms on the internet. You have your traditional ads run on the webpage. Even more effective, I believe, is having celebrities recommend products as a form of advertisement. Kim Kardashian is an advertisers dream! She has over 100 million followers and all she has to do is recommend a product as though she were recommending it to a friend and not trying to sound like a sellout. She was on Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people by just recommending products to her followers. Roughly the same amount of people watched the superbowl as are followers of the Kardashians. A 30 second ad costs 5 million dollars to air on the super bowl. If companies are willing to spend that sort of money for a time slot just imagine how much money is being spent and made from Kim or some other well known celebrity recommending a product.

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One bad point for Internet and social media marketing besides ads being generally annoying is that they allow large companies to spam their product using their huge advertising departments. This increases their revenue but creates a monopoly where smaller companies are not able to compete with the amount of ads. It’s no longer about the quality of the product but rather how much you can get your name out there, or how recognizable you can get your brand. The rich get richer; the poor get poorer.

I feel that advertisements are more effective if they don’t look like one specially on Instagram. On reddit some people purchase upvotes for their posts to get the post more views. These posts can have ads run within the post and sometimes done subconsciously. For example, in a video clip on reddit someone might do something funny and their friend is holding a brand of drink beside them. This strategy to get views on reddit is much more effective in getting viewers and much less costly than running a traditional ad. Upvotes on reddit sell for approximately 25 cents each. That really adds up! Surprisingly, marketers think that a simple upvote is worth a quarter.

There are many new add implementations coming out on the Internet and in the movies, like after effect computer generated ad placement. Movies can have ads placed into it based off of the region it was shown. Subliminal ads for ski gear adapted into movie theaters within the state of colorado. Swimsuits in the same Movie shown on a computer generated sign for coastal areas of the US. Ads in the same spot of the movie or web page shows an ad for boating right here in maryland. Not only are geographical regions going to be ad specific but information and algorithms looking at you search history or your recent purchases on amazon will be used to and already are.

Even with the small issues and annoyances of Internet and social media marketing I am glad that it is as widespread as it is. Without it many of the apps and websites we love would be subscription based. Looking at ads is a small price to pay to use a well made websites.



Brick and mortar shopping is getting out of way with the emergence of this e-commerce business setup. Also the busy schedule hardly let us to have some time to physically go for the things and then spend hours and hours searching for the product we want for ourselves.

Besides the market timings are also necessary to keep in mind. So buying clothes through Facebook does the whole job for your clothes shopping. Without caring for the fixed time for market you can choose your desirable dress at face book. Different pages are available to serve you at your fingertips. Trendy clothes are easy to find at Facebook within no time than, to wait for them to be available at your market place.

But is it that simple to buy clothes through Facebook. Of course it is but then you have to keep certain things in your mind so that you can have your dream dress along with your perfect fitting which is no less than half the battle. Numbers and letters are of no help in analyzing the size that will really work perfectly for each one with vanity sizing.

First of all go for the desirable dress you want for you on whatever Facebook page you can find from and then inbox them for price and details. Then take a flexible measuring tape. Hold it vertically along your body to measure the length which helps you to get sense of what size you should go for.

Then take other measurements of your body to make a measurement chart for yourself. While measuring your waist line don’t make the tape too tight. Keep it just flat. Waist measurements should be taken below your rib cage. If not sure how to do it well you can go online sites that help you get your proper size in popular brands.

Putting sizes you wear from your specific brands also helps you to translate it into size that would suit you from other variety of brands available online on Facebook of other retailers. Keep a note in your mobile to catalog items and sizes from your favorite Facebook pages. Suggestions are always important from social media before buying. So it is good to Buy Real Instagram Followers to get best suggestion for clothes.

This helps you to go for ideal sizing stitching from different brands whenever you want it in no time. Another key point to buy specific sizing is to opt a specific silhouettes while shopping from some face book page. Simply to sum up you need to go for taking care of print, armholes, shoulder placement, neckline, and waist line, skirt hem, pant inseam.

While buying pants inseam measurement is all that helps you a lot in having the best fitted pants as it you can say is the HOLY GRAIL while taking measurements for your pant shopping.

Typically menswear uses high quality for their products than women swear. So if one wants to go for something that would last long one must go to try ones luck in men’s department. But that too will deal with less feminine silhouette. If it’s done, then start shopping clothes from Facebook.

Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media

Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media
Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media

Customer tracking is a very important part of any business. The way you treat your customers and how they react to your actions determines business’s next step. Customers who buy your product repeatedly should be kept under track; this data can provide you the good recommendation for your future steps.

It is very important to treat your customer’s rightfully and stay interconnected with them. Therefore you must look into steps that can help you to better track your customers to get more sale on social media. Mostly the target market f very business is using social media these days so it is important to use this platform to find the response to customers’ feedback and questions.

Listen carefully to your customers

There are many questions in life that come down to the simplest of things you do or you see. Social media tracking is no different. People always want to get heard and answered same is the case with the customers. They want to feel important and heard, they will want you to answer the questions regarding the services they pay for and they just need a good responsive platform to do that. It was a difficult thing to do in the past, but now with social media, this is all just a click away.

Businesses need to listen to both the positive and negative feedback, which they track from their customers, to earn profits. Positive feedback helps in keeping you motivated whereas negative feedback will help you to see what your customer really wants.

Promptly respond your customers

If you ever feel that your customer has any problem with your product or services, you should not make them wait for too long. Try to answer their query as soon as possible. High profits can be maintained by tracking consumer’s queries on social media.  Sometimes social media requires you to answer the query very quickly, this might sometimes leave a bad impression of yours as you cannot be available all the time, so it is best to set rules and let your customers know beforehand about the timing at which you can respond to all their questions and queries. Automated messages and emails will help you in doing so.

Doing the right thing at the right time

Understanding the right time to do the right thing is very important. Social media is one of the best platforms to collect information regarding what does your customer want and when does it want. You can learn about the issues and customer perspective about your services very easily this can help you to stay updated. If you think customer is engaging with your brand then a good option is to buy twitter followers or fanpage likes. It will help them navigate to other people too. There are very high chances that your customers will have better insight about your services then you have thus it can help you to know what to do next. Sometimes you can also involve your customers by setting a poll about what is most required and demanded. In this way, your customer will feel more empowered and connected.



5 Best and Most powerful LED flashlights

5 Best and Most powerful LED flashlights
5 Best and Most powerful LED flashlights

ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

It is more famous for its tiny structure. It makes you wonder how this tiny piece of light can meet your level of satisfaction. But surprisingly it has a CREE XP-G2 which comes with multiple features for benefiting the users. It can very easily be carried along to anywhere; it can even be added to your key chain and can be carried in your pocket. It has the capacity to produce the output of 120 lumens. It has a prominent feature of having AAA batteries which are easily available and can be replaced. It is outstanding how this tiny structure can provide four different options of brightness level and each option comes with a different option of lumen output. It has a lifespan of 20 years and above.

  • Inno Gear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlight Headlamp Flashlight

This flashlight is among the brightest flashlights since it has the ability to produce up to 500 lumens of output. This is what makes it one of the most powerful flashlights. It operates on rechargeable batteries and has an option of four different modes. It has a USB port which allows for emergency charging when connected to your phone or camera. It is shock and water resistant and has the ability to rotate up to 90 degrees. For eternal trips, with its lumen output and rechargeable batteries, it is the best choice. Now hunting, fishing, camping and hiking in dark should not be an issue.

By just looking at it, it might appear heavier, but surprisingly it is very lightweight and can be adjusted to different sizes. It has a single light which provides multiple functions with different applications. It is available at affordable price and is easily available. It is recommended for people who love to travel.

  • If charged completely, it works for up to 4 to 6 hours.
  • Its brightness level can be adjusted to high, medium and low

The above-mentioned information can be very helpful to make decisions, so it would be easy to choose which product is the best. The details and descriptions explain the features of flashlights, which can be bought based on the preferences. They offer series of benefits for the users in the form of lumen outputs, size, and durability. They have a strong design which makes them unbreakable and shock resistant. The above-mentioned information about most powerful flashlights can help you in making wise choices with a low budget. These products have multiple benefits with multiple features and options.



Explore the Beautiful city of Dakhla

Explore the Beautiful city of Dakhla
Explore the Beautiful city of Dakhla

Theories of psychology consider it necessary for every person to take some time from the hectic routine and head over to a beautiful land at least once a year. A naturally beautiful area makes the life peaceful and soothing which is a blessing for every person. One of the most beautiful lands is Dakhla. You will find an exhaustive list of many attractions in this region of the world. You just need to pack you bag and make your way to Dakhla. Before that, you should know well about this amazing place which is considered to be a hub of tourists. Continue reading this article if you want to explore the beauty of this land.

About Dakhla

Dakhla is a city of Morocco, and it is approximately 600 miles south of the Marrakech which is considered to be a magical land. This area of Morocco faces the Atlantic Ocean, so the wind conditions are ideal for several enticing activities. If a person is traveling within the Morocco, then he must take the flight directly from the Casablanca to Dakhla.

Kitesurf in Dakhla

Kitesurfing is the main attraction of Dakhla as most of the tourists visit this place to learn this amazing activity. Tourists attract towards the incredible wind conditions with magnificent landscape and dedicated kitesurf and windsurf resorts. People spend most of their time on the outdoor activities when they visit this fabulous place. It is basically the climatic conditions of Dakhla that makes this place perfect for kitesurfing. Most of the tourists do not know well about kitesurfing yet they can indulge themselves easily in the kitesurf because of the amazing windy conditions.

Kite Camp in Dakhla

You will find several kite camps in Dakhla on your visit. These camps are found just a few kilometers out of the main area. The tourists can rent their kitesurf gears and buy the other sports apparels to enjoy the other activities. The kitesurfing classes at the nearest surf center will teach this game effectively if a person does not want to leave this place without learning thoroughly about this game. The kitesurfing experience which tourists get on their visit to Dakhla is unforgettable for them throughout the life as they will come to know every single detail of this enticing outdoor activity.

Visit Villa Dakhla

The breathtaking view of Villa Dakhla on the seafront is unbeatable. Tourists really enjoy the combination of delicious food with the spectacular views. The beautifully cooked food available in the restaurants of Villa Dakhla makes the dinner adventurous. People can try the camel ride alongside the villa which makes the scene more enticing.

Bay of Dakhla

The shops, cafes, and restaurants alongside the bay area are enticing for tourists. The scrumptious local dish partnered with yummy drinks enhance the worth of the Dakhla Bay. People enjoy fishing and boating at this place of Morocco. Moreover, this bay is believed to be the most beautiful surfing spots of the entire Morocco which attract lots for tourists from around the world.

What are unique renewable energy sources?

What are unique renewable energy sources?
What are unique renewable energy sources?

It is a form of energy produced by natural sources such as sunlight, heat, wind, tides, rain and geothermal energy. These sources can be renewed and replenished continuously. Technologies used in this form of energy include solar power, hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass and biofuels for transportation.

Importance of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources are important for the production of energy in the world. It is beneficial more than the non-renewable energy sources. It provides benefits for both environment and energy sector. These sources produce less toxic pollutants as compared to non-renewable sources. They produce less carbon dioxide in the air which helps to control diseases. They help to protect people from harmful diseases such as cancer and breath diseases. Moreover, these renewable sources are beneficial for the energy sector. It produces cheap energy to use at home. Less cost is applied in energy produced by natural renewable sources.

Types of renewable sources

There are different kinds of renewable sources. We discuss these renewable sources here.

Solar power

It is widely used a form of energy. Energy sector realizes the need of using sunlight for energy generation in a modern environment. This form of energy relies heavily on nuclear fusion power of the sun. Sunlight is converted into electrical energy. Energy produced from sunlight is converted into different ways by suing technologies such as solar cells or solar panels. This form of energy is widely used for domestic purpose especially in the absence of other electrical energies.

Hydroelectric energy

In this form of energy, the power of water is used for energy generation. Electricity is produced by flowing water. This water is stored in reservoirs. Dams are built to store water for production of electricity. It is a way of energy generation which is used at a higher level in a country.


This form of renewable energy is produced by using trees and plants. These trees and plants are burnt to produce energy for using at home. It produces gas for the purpose of cooking at home. This energy source causes to pollute the environment by producing toxic elements. It produces more carbon dioxide which causes health diseases in human. Biomass is a major contributor in the unhealthy air in society.

Wind power

It is a kind of renewable energy source which depends on temperature fluctuation in an environment. When temperature varies in the earth surface, it causes to generate energy. This form of energy is used to pump water from deep down the earth. It is used to produce electricity but requires a large area for production of the significant amount of energy.

So, these are unique renewable energy sources. These are used in developed and underdeveloped countries for production of energy. These sources are beneficial for the economy of countries. This form of energy applies less cost of production which in turn beneficial for people. People have to pay less amount of bills by consuming electricity produced by these sources. These sources are unique in term of benefits provided to people of society and energy sector.


Factors that can improve education in Arab world

Factors that can improve education in Arab world
Factors that can improve education in Arab world

The Arab world includes all Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and other Arabic speaking countries. Most of these countries speak the Arabic language.

The education system of Arab countries is developing gradually. The average rate of literacy in Arab countries is approximately 76%. Many of the Arab countries are members of the Arab League.

  1. Policies of education

Track of education is lower in some countries of Arab nations such as Yemen, Palestine, and Mauritania. There are also countries in the Arab nation where the adult literacy rate is above than 90% such as Syria and Lebanon.

  1. Factors of education improvement in Arab world

Higher education rate is lower in Arab countries, especially for females. There need to overcome these negative effects of the non-improving education system. There is a need of education improvement in this region. Some of the factors for improvement are:

  1. Quality leadership

Strong leadership is required in the school system of Arab countries. Effective leaders such as good principal and teachers are required in educational institutions who can improve the system of education.

  1. High expectation of students

High expectations from teachers may lead to improving the education in Arab world. High attention is paid by teachers when they know that expectations of students are very high.

  1. Screening of student’s performance

There is a need of screening performance of students to improve the education system in schools. Assessment of students is necessary to improve students learning.

  1. Goals and direction

There is a need for specific goals of improving the education system in schools. It will lead to improving the education system in educational institutions. Administration of schools can effectively communicate when there is a specific goal to achieve by the good education system.

  1. Political stability

There is political instability in Arab countries which is a major cause of non-improved education system. The education system of countries will improve when political stability occurs. Each new government introduces new rules and regulation which results in the instability of education. Proper infrastructure is needed to improve the system of education.

  1. Secure and organized school system

It is a major factor of growth of education in Arab countries. Females are abundant to get higher education due to insecure and non-organized institutes. There is a need for secure and organized institutional system which will help to grow education system and institutes, and students learn more in such an organized environment.

  1. Cultural development

There is a large gender gap in Arab countries. Their culture promoted the education of males at a higher level. On the other hand, females are not encouraged to get a higher education. It cannot lead to the development of education system in institutions. There is a need for gender equality for good education system.

  1. Economic factor

This factor affects education in Arab countries. The labor force is developed by a larger number of males in extensive capital industries. On the other hand, there is little involvement of females in labor force. It results in the less development of the economy. Due to this reason, women are not encouraged to get an education and work for their countries.

  1. Employment level

Fewer jobs are available for females in this region which result in the restriction for women to be educated. It directly impacts education level of countries.

So, there are many factors to improve education in the Arab world. It is important to improve these factors.


How to find best online unblocked games

How to find best online unblocked games
How to find best online unblocked games

There are many internet filters which do not allow the players to get to the unblocked games they want to play. If a person is stuck in the process of getting the unblocked games, there are many ways to which these filters can be eliminated. Here are some of the ways through which unblocked games can be easily accessed.

Use of unblocking websites

There are many websites available on the internet which provide a person access to the unblocked material and remove the unnecessary filters. Once a person gets to the unblocking website, he just has to add the required game to the search bar and click on browse option; rest is handled by the servers. These websites are backed by proxy servers which provide access to all the unblocked content easily. It clears the search history, and it is not easy to access which website is being searched.

Use of HTTPS

It is the easiest way of getting the blocked content. Multiple websites can be browsed by using the HTTPS without any hindrance.  The technique is simple and easy to apply. If the filter is applied on the browser, the user can just add the “S” after HTTP, and this will take to another port of connection which includes all the unblocked content. There are some sites which do not provide a secure connection; however, the renowned websites like Gmail, Google and YouTube can easily have this connection to support the player.

Ultra Surfing on chrome

If the tricks mentioned above do not do the task, then it is probable that a firewall is being used in the system which can be removed through the ultra surf feature of Google Chrome. The user has to install the extension of ultra surf and make it active through the toolbar of Chrome. “Connected” switch should be turned on and then it is not a difficult task to use the internet or any website or unblocked game. It is the network of proxy which makes the task easy.

Use of USB stick to start FireFox portable

unblocked GamesIf there are restrictions and filters on the system a person is using, the alternate solution is to have a portable browser installed on the USB stick. This software will run without any interruption from the filters of the system a person is using. The internet traffic is eliminated through the proxy, and unblocked games are accessed. The IP address, as well as the port number, should be written down to use it later on.

These were few of the ways which can be sued to get the unblocked games77 if there are filters on the system or the server does not give access to the games. There is a large number of antivirus software which does not let the internet traffic of multiple games to load; they can also be removed from the system to get best results of unblocked games. Games improve the exposure and to get the ethical games; it is good to utilize these methods.

Why Social Media Search engines important?

Why Social Media Search engines important?
Why Social Media Search engines important?

Shares are Link Building

Link building means providing a ladder for a blog or website to take step towards the required audience. There are many websites that would be posting similar content but the important factor comes to the traffic. Social media generates the traffic that is required for a lot of people are present on the platform. Every website or blog creates a strategy to build a perfect backlinking process. This is to ensure higher search ranking on the engine.

When a genuine content is created which is providing valuable information for free the content information gets shared a lot on the social media. Information gets shared because everyone wants to be the one which shared the authentic information. This helps in a big way to the search engine. This helps them understand what information is authentic from all of those present out theirs. The information which is getting shared gets a credibility pointer to the website where the content is posted hence helping the search engine creating a ranking system.

Let’s take an example of an article which is shared online by many people on their wall and retweets. Then there is an article which is present on social media but isn’t shared by much. The article with most shares has some credibility to it hence it is getting shared a lot on social media. Thus it would be ranked higher. This is the reason only most authentic articles get shared on the social media. Articles also get followers on social media. If you have to work hard in getting followers, then the best way is to buy Instagram followers. This link building also includes the trust of the people who are reading those articles and the information it is providing them.

Writer Rank

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Google has really helped authors a lot. An author can connect his work on google plus. Thus when something is shared on the social media which is written by the author. His work is already marked by the google this is done through by the account and bio which is linked to the content of the search engine database. This helps author ranking to appear on the google engine. So whenever an article is shared on the social media the content has a digital fragment of the author on the article. This not only help authors but it also helps for the website.

The content is marked and is being appeared on the search engine ranking because of being linked to the author. Hence this will build trust and authenticity not only for the website but also for the author. The ranking also can show how many other articles have been written by the author. How many followers of the author are present online? What website he has been working on etc.

Plus this will help the article also to rank up on a search engine when a user will search according to author previous work. For example, an author writes about medicine and a user search about medicine on google search engine so the author with most ranking his article will rank higher on the search engine.

This the reason why people are ready to buy real active Instagram followers to enhance social media searches which are most important for the search engines.

Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners

Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners
Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners

Social media

Social media is a platform as the word itself describes a medium for communicating and interacting online. Since the arrival of World Wide Web, we have observed the popularity and growth in the use of social media platforms. It is known as social media as it engages the users in social context, which includes, general conversations, comments, tagging, messages and much more.

Social media is thought to be a fad

If you look at past five years, social media has gained much popularity and explosive growth in the number of users and number of platforms. The most popular platforms of social media are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and much more. It is the era of social media interactions and technology, the need for such platforms in business will get stronger and stronger with time.

The need of social media for marketing

A small business, local operations, multinational companies, small enterprises every type of company and business knows that today they will find their maximum number of customers online.  Everyone has a Facebook account these days; they interact, chat, and comment with friends, family and colleagues. Business is also now online, and they search for their customers, information about other brands, get recommendations about their brand and make deductions based on the information and recommendations collected. In such an era if your company lacks behind in staying up to date with social media marketing the competitor will take over your customers and revenue.

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On social media, a company can find many opportunities to excel and stay up to the mark. It also helps in making the connection with your customers and building strong customer relationships with the brand and company. Such relationships are the base of what your business will come out to be tomorrow and what assets your company can make with customer advocacy.

Social media and marketing channels

Social media marketing can help to solidify the image and sales of your brand, it also galvanises it and boosts your company’s revenues. It helps you in gaining customers and getting in direct interaction with your customers.  It should be depicted as sharing your company’s voice and vision with the customers. It provides great opportunities in every aspect of marketing like SEO, PR, sales, branding, customers and much more.

How does it work?

The social media marketing works in three steps which help you in gaining customers

  1. Relationship
  2. Feedback
  3. Customer base

Relationship marketing is the first and the foremost tool of marketing used by successful companies. The relationship you build with your customers forms the base of your business which helps you to flourishes. Relationship marketing also helps in gaining loyal customers, and according to the rule of loyal marketing customers makes up the total 80% of company’s revenue. Social media in today’s word is the best platform to build the relationship with your customers. It helps to publish your product, gaining your customer’s comment and reviews, interacting with customers, getting feedback making sales, all of this can be done if you buy Instagram followers on social media.