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Brick and mortar shopping is getting out of way with the emergence of this e-commerce business setup. Also the busy schedule hardly let us to have some time to physically go for the things and then spend hours and hours searching for the product we want for ourselves.

Besides the market timings are also necessary to keep in mind. So buying clothes through Facebook does the whole job for your clothes shopping. Without caring for the fixed time for market you can choose your desirable dress at face book. Different pages are available to serve you at your fingertips. Trendy clothes are easy to find at Facebook within no time than, to wait for them to be available at your market place.

But is it that simple to buy clothes through Facebook. Of course it is but then you have to keep certain things in your mind so that you can have your dream dress along with your perfect fitting which is no less than half the battle. Numbers and letters are of no help in analyzing the size that will really work perfectly for each one with vanity sizing.

First of all go for the desirable dress you want for you on whatever Facebook page you can find from and then inbox them for price and details. Then take a flexible measuring tape. Hold it vertically along your body to measure the length which helps you to get sense of what size you should go for.

Then take other measurements of your body to make a measurement chart for yourself. While measuring your waist line don’t make the tape too tight. Keep it just flat. Waist measurements should be taken below your rib cage. If not sure how to do it well you can go online sites that help you get your proper size in popular brands.

Putting sizes you wear from your specific brands also helps you to translate it into size that would suit you from other variety of brands available online on Facebook of other retailers. Keep a note in your mobile to catalog items and sizes from your favorite Facebook pages. Suggestions are always important from social media before buying. So it is good to Buy Real Instagram Followers to get best suggestion for clothes.

This helps you to go for ideal sizing stitching from different brands whenever you want it in no time. Another key point to buy specific sizing is to opt a specific silhouettes while shopping from some face book page. Simply to sum up you need to go for taking care of print, armholes, shoulder placement, neckline, and waist line, skirt hem, pant inseam.

While buying pants inseam measurement is all that helps you a lot in having the best fitted pants as it you can say is the HOLY GRAIL while taking measurements for your pant shopping.

Typically menswear uses high quality for their products than women swear. So if one wants to go for something that would last long one must go to try ones luck in men’s department. But that too will deal with less feminine silhouette. If it’s done, then start shopping clothes from Facebook.

Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media

Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media
Why learn consumer tracking to get more sales on Social media

Customer tracking is a very important part of any business. The way you treat your customers and how they react to your actions determines business’s next step. Customers who buy your product repeatedly should be kept under track; this data can provide you the good recommendation for your future steps.

It is very important to treat your customer’s rightfully and stay interconnected with them. Therefore you must look into steps that can help you to better track your customers to get more sale on social media. Mostly the target market f very business is using social media these days so it is important to use this platform to find the response to customers’ feedback and questions.

Listen carefully to your customers

There are many questions in life that come down to the simplest of things you do or you see. Social media tracking is no different. People always want to get heard and answered same is the case with the customers. They want to feel important and heard, they will want you to answer the questions regarding the services they pay for and they just need a good responsive platform to do that. It was a difficult thing to do in the past, but now with social media, this is all just a click away.

Businesses need to listen to both the positive and negative feedback, which they track from their customers, to earn profits. Positive feedback helps in keeping you motivated whereas negative feedback will help you to see what your customer really wants.

Promptly respond your customers

If you ever feel that your customer has any problem with your product or services, you should not make them wait for too long. Try to answer their query as soon as possible. High profits can be maintained by tracking consumer’s queries on social media.  Sometimes social media requires you to answer the query very quickly, this might sometimes leave a bad impression of yours as you cannot be available all the time, so it is best to set rules and let your customers know beforehand about the timing at which you can respond to all their questions and queries. Automated messages and emails will help you in doing so.

Doing the right thing at the right time

Understanding the right time to do the right thing is very important. Social media is one of the best platforms to collect information regarding what does your customer want and when does it want. You can learn about the issues and customer perspective about your services very easily this can help you to stay updated. If you think customer is engaging with your brand then a good option is to buy twitter followers or fanpage likes. It will help them navigate to other people too. There are very high chances that your customers will have better insight about your services then you have thus it can help you to know what to do next. Sometimes you can also involve your customers by setting a poll about what is most required and demanded. In this way, your customer will feel more empowered and connected.



Why Social Media Search engines important?

Why Social Media Search engines important?
Why Social Media Search engines important?

Shares are Link Building

Link building means providing a ladder for a blog or website to take step towards the required audience. There are many websites that would be posting similar content but the important factor comes to the traffic. Social media generates the traffic that is required for a lot of people are present on the platform. Every website or blog creates a strategy to build a perfect backlinking process. This is to ensure higher search ranking on the engine.

When a genuine content is created which is providing valuable information for free the content information gets shared a lot on the social media. Information gets shared because everyone wants to be the one which shared the authentic information. This helps in a big way to the search engine. This helps them understand what information is authentic from all of those present out theirs. The information which is getting shared gets a credibility pointer to the website where the content is posted hence helping the search engine creating a ranking system.

Let’s take an example of an article which is shared online by many people on their wall and retweets. Then there is an article which is present on social media but isn’t shared by much. The article with most shares has some credibility to it hence it is getting shared a lot on social media. Thus it would be ranked higher. This is the reason only most authentic articles get shared on the social media. Articles also get followers on social media. If you have to work hard in getting followers, then the best way is to buy Instagram followers. This link building also includes the trust of the people who are reading those articles and the information it is providing them.

Writer Rank

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Google has really helped authors a lot. An author can connect his work on google plus. Thus when something is shared on the social media which is written by the author. His work is already marked by the google this is done through by the account and bio which is linked to the content of the search engine database. This helps author ranking to appear on the google engine. So whenever an article is shared on the social media the content has a digital fragment of the author on the article. This not only help authors but it also helps for the website.

The content is marked and is being appeared on the search engine ranking because of being linked to the author. Hence this will build trust and authenticity not only for the website but also for the author. The ranking also can show how many other articles have been written by the author. How many followers of the author are present online? What website he has been working on etc.

Plus this will help the article also to rank up on a search engine when a user will search according to author previous work. For example, an author writes about medicine and a user search about medicine on google search engine so the author with most ranking his article will rank higher on the search engine.

This the reason why people are ready to buy real active Instagram followers to enhance social media searches which are most important for the search engines.

Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners

Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners
Social Media Marketing: An overview for beginners

Social media

Social media is a platform as the word itself describes a medium for communicating and interacting online. Since the arrival of World Wide Web, we have observed the popularity and growth in the use of social media platforms. It is known as social media as it engages the users in social context, which includes, general conversations, comments, tagging, messages and much more.

Social media is thought to be a fad

If you look at past five years, social media has gained much popularity and explosive growth in the number of users and number of platforms. The most popular platforms of social media are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and much more. It is the era of social media interactions and technology, the need for such platforms in business will get stronger and stronger with time.

The need of social media for marketing

A small business, local operations, multinational companies, small enterprises every type of company and business knows that today they will find their maximum number of customers online.  Everyone has a Facebook account these days; they interact, chat, and comment with friends, family and colleagues. Business is also now online, and they search for their customers, information about other brands, get recommendations about their brand and make deductions based on the information and recommendations collected. In such an era if your company lacks behind in staying up to date with social media marketing the competitor will take over your customers and revenue.

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On social media, a company can find many opportunities to excel and stay up to the mark. It also helps in making the connection with your customers and building strong customer relationships with the brand and company. Such relationships are the base of what your business will come out to be tomorrow and what assets your company can make with customer advocacy.

Social media and marketing channels

Social media marketing can help to solidify the image and sales of your brand, it also galvanises it and boosts your company’s revenues. It helps you in gaining customers and getting in direct interaction with your customers.  It should be depicted as sharing your company’s voice and vision with the customers. It provides great opportunities in every aspect of marketing like SEO, PR, sales, branding, customers and much more.

How does it work?

The social media marketing works in three steps which help you in gaining customers

  1. Relationship
  2. Feedback
  3. Customer base

Relationship marketing is the first and the foremost tool of marketing used by successful companies. The relationship you build with your customers forms the base of your business which helps you to flourishes. Relationship marketing also helps in gaining loyal customers, and according to the rule of loyal marketing customers makes up the total 80% of company’s revenue. Social media in today’s word is the best platform to build the relationship with your customers. It helps to publish your product, gaining your customer’s comment and reviews, interacting with customers, getting feedback making sales, all of this can be done if you buy Instagram followers on social media.