The Arab world includes all Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and other Arabic speaking countries. Most of these countries speak the Arabic language.

The education system of Arab countries is developing gradually. The average rate of literacy in Arab countries is approximately 76%. Many of the Arab countries are members of the Arab League.

  1. Policies of education

Track of education is lower in some countries of Arab nations such as Yemen, Palestine, and Mauritania. There are also countries in the Arab nation where the adult literacy rate is above than 90% such as Syria and Lebanon.

  1. Factors of education improvement in Arab world

Higher education rate is lower in Arab countries, especially for females. There need to overcome these negative effects of the non-improving education system. There is a need of education improvement in this region. Some of the factors for improvement are:

  1. Quality leadership

Strong leadership is required in the school system of Arab countries. Effective leaders such as good principal and teachers are required in educational institutions who can improve the system of education.

  1. High expectation of students

High expectations from teachers may lead to improving the education in Arab world. High attention is paid by teachers when they know that expectations of students are very high.

  1. Screening of student’s performance

There is a need of screening performance of students to improve the education system in schools. Assessment of students is necessary to improve students learning.

  1. Goals and direction

There is a need for specific goals of improving the education system in schools. It will lead to improving the education system in educational institutions. Administration of schools can effectively communicate when there is a specific goal to achieve by the good education system.

  1. Political stability

There is political instability in Arab countries which is a major cause of non-improved education system. The education system of countries will improve when political stability occurs. Each new government introduces new rules and regulation which results in the instability of education. Proper infrastructure is needed to improve the system of education.

  1. Secure and organized school system

It is a major factor of growth of education in Arab countries. Females are abundant to get higher education due to insecure and non-organized institutes. There is a need for secure and organized institutional system which will help to grow education system and institutes, and students learn more in such an organized environment.

  1. Cultural development

There is a large gender gap in Arab countries. Their culture promoted the education of males at a higher level. On the other hand, females are not encouraged to get a higher education. It cannot lead to the development of education system in institutions. There is a need for gender equality for good education system.

  1. Economic factor

This factor affects education in Arab countries. The labor force is developed by a larger number of males in extensive capital industries. On the other hand, there is little involvement of females in labor force. It results in the less development of the economy. Due to this reason, women are not encouraged to get an education and work for their countries.

  1. Employment level

Fewer jobs are available for females in this region which result in the restriction for women to be educated. It directly impacts education level of countries.

So, there are many factors to improve education in the Arab world. It is important to improve these factors.