Brick and mortar shopping is getting out of way with the emergence of this e-commerce business setup. Also the busy schedule hardly let us to have some time to physically go for the things and then spend hours and hours searching for the product we want for ourselves.

Besides the market timings are also necessary to keep in mind. So buying clothes through Facebook does the whole job for your clothes shopping. Without caring for the fixed time for market you can choose your desirable dress at face book. Different pages are available to serve you at your fingertips. Trendy clothes are easy to find at Facebook within no time than, to wait for them to be available at your market place.

But is it that simple to buy clothes through Facebook. Of course it is but then you have to keep certain things in your mind so that you can have your dream dress along with your perfect fitting which is no less than half the battle. Numbers and letters are of no help in analyzing the size that will really work perfectly for each one with vanity sizing.

First of all go for the desirable dress you want for you on whatever Facebook page you can find from and then inbox them for price and details. Then take a flexible measuring tape. Hold it vertically along your body to measure the length which helps you to get sense of what size you should go for.

Then take other measurements of your body to make a measurement chart for yourself. While measuring your waist line don’t make the tape too tight. Keep it just flat. Waist measurements should be taken below your rib cage. If not sure how to do it well you can go online sites that help you get your proper size in popular brands.

Putting sizes you wear from your specific brands also helps you to translate it into size that would suit you from other variety of brands available online on Facebook of other retailers. Keep a note in your mobile to catalog items and sizes from your favorite Facebook pages. Suggestions are always important from social media before buying. So it is good to Buy Real Instagram Followers to get best suggestion for clothes.

This helps you to go for ideal sizing stitching from different brands whenever you want it in no time. Another key point to buy specific sizing is to opt a specific silhouettes while shopping from some face book page. Simply to sum up you need to go for taking care of print, armholes, shoulder placement, neckline, and waist line, skirt hem, pant inseam.

While buying pants inseam measurement is all that helps you a lot in having the best fitted pants as it you can say is the HOLY GRAIL while taking measurements for your pant shopping.

Typically menswear uses high quality for their products than women swear. So if one wants to go for something that would last long one must go to try ones luck in men’s department. But that too will deal with less feminine silhouette. If it’s done, then start shopping clothes from Facebook.