Social media

Social media is a platform as the word itself describes a medium for communicating and interacting online. Since the arrival of World Wide Web, we have observed the popularity and growth in the use of social media platforms. It is known as social media as it engages the users in social context, which includes, general conversations, comments, tagging, messages and much more.

Social media is thought to be a fad

If you look at past five years, social media has gained much popularity and explosive growth in the number of users and number of platforms. The most popular platforms of social media are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and much more. It is the era of social media interactions and technology, the need for such platforms in business will get stronger and stronger with time.

The need of social media for marketing

A small business, local operations, multinational companies, small enterprises every type of company and business knows that today they will find their maximum number of customers online.  Everyone has a Facebook account these days; they interact, chat, and comment with friends, family and colleagues. Business is also now online, and they search for their customers, information about other brands, get recommendations about their brand and make deductions based on the information and recommendations collected. In such an era if your company lacks behind in staying up to date with social media marketing the competitor will take over your customers and revenue.

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On social media, a company can find many opportunities to excel and stay up to the mark. It also helps in making the connection with your customers and building strong customer relationships with the brand and company. Such relationships are the base of what your business will come out to be tomorrow and what assets your company can make with customer advocacy.

Social media and marketing channels

Social media marketing can help to solidify the image and sales of your brand, it also galvanises it and boosts your company’s revenues. It helps you in gaining customers and getting in direct interaction with your customers.  It should be depicted as sharing your company’s voice and vision with the customers. It provides great opportunities in every aspect of marketing like SEO, PR, sales, branding, customers and much more.

How does it work?

The social media marketing works in three steps which help you in gaining customers

  1. Relationship
  2. Feedback
  3. Customer base

Relationship marketing is the first and the foremost tool of marketing used by successful companies. The relationship you build with your customers forms the base of your business which helps you to flourishes. Relationship marketing also helps in gaining loyal customers, and according to the rule of loyal marketing customers makes up the total 80% of company’s revenue. Social media in today’s word is the best platform to build the relationship with your customers. It helps to publish your product, gaining your customer’s comment and reviews, interacting with customers, getting feedback making sales, all of this can be done if you buy Instagram followers on social media.