Shares are Link Building

Link building means providing a ladder for a blog or website to take step towards the required audience. There are many websites that would be posting similar content but the important factor comes to the traffic. Social media generates the traffic that is required for a lot of people are present on the platform. Every website or blog creates a strategy to build a perfect backlinking process. This is to ensure higher search ranking on the engine.

When a genuine content is created which is providing valuable information for free the content information gets shared a lot on the social media. Information gets shared because everyone wants to be the one which shared the authentic information. This helps in a big way to the search engine. This helps them understand what information is authentic from all of those present out theirs. The information which is getting shared gets a credibility pointer to the website where the content is posted hence helping the search engine creating a ranking system.

Let’s take an example of an article which is shared online by many people on their wall and retweets. Then there is an article which is present on social media but isn’t shared by much. The article with most shares has some credibility to it hence it is getting shared a lot on social media. Thus it would be ranked higher. This is the reason only most authentic articles get shared on the social media. Articles also get followers on social media. If you have to work hard in getting followers, then the best way is to buy Instagram followers. This link building also includes the trust of the people who are reading those articles and the information it is providing them.

Writer Rank

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Google has really helped authors a lot. An author can connect his work on google plus. Thus when something is shared on the social media which is written by the author. His work is already marked by the google this is done through by the account and bio which is linked to the content of the search engine database. This helps author ranking to appear on the google engine. So whenever an article is shared on the social media the content has a digital fragment of the author on the article. This not only help authors but it also helps for the website.

The content is marked and is being appeared on the search engine ranking because of being linked to the author. Hence this will build trust and authenticity not only for the website but also for the author. The ranking also can show how many other articles have been written by the author. How many followers of the author are present online? What website he has been working on etc.

Plus this will help the article also to rank up on a search engine when a user will search according to author previous work. For example, an author writes about medicine and a user search about medicine on google search engine so the author with most ranking his article will rank higher on the search engine.

This the reason why people are ready to buy real active Instagram followers to enhance social media searches which are most important for the search engines.