It is a form of energy produced by natural sources such as sunlight, heat, wind, tides, rain and geothermal energy. These sources can be renewed and replenished continuously. Technologies used in this form of energy include solar power, hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass and biofuels for transportation.

Importance of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources are important for the production of energy in the world. It is beneficial more than the non-renewable energy sources. It provides benefits for both environment and energy sector. These sources produce less toxic pollutants as compared to non-renewable sources. They produce less carbon dioxide in the air which helps to control diseases. They help to protect people from harmful diseases such as cancer and breath diseases. Moreover, these renewable sources are beneficial for the energy sector. It produces cheap energy to use at home. Less cost is applied in energy produced by natural renewable sources.

Types of renewable sources

There are different kinds of renewable sources. We discuss these renewable sources here.

Solar power

It is widely used a form of energy. Energy sector realizes the need of using sunlight for energy generation in a modern environment. This form of energy relies heavily on nuclear fusion power of the sun. Sunlight is converted into electrical energy. Energy produced from sunlight is converted into different ways by suing technologies such as solar cells or solar panels. This form of energy is widely used for domestic purpose especially in the absence of other electrical energies.

Hydroelectric energy

In this form of energy, the power of water is used for energy generation. Electricity is produced by flowing water. This water is stored in reservoirs. Dams are built to store water for production of electricity. It is a way of energy generation which is used at a higher level in a country.


This form of renewable energy is produced by using trees and plants. These trees and plants are burnt to produce energy for using at home. It produces gas for the purpose of cooking at home. This energy source causes to pollute the environment by producing toxic elements. It produces more carbon dioxide which causes health diseases in human. Biomass is a major contributor in the unhealthy air in society.

Wind power

It is a kind of renewable energy source which depends on temperature fluctuation in an environment. When temperature varies in the earth surface, it causes to generate energy. This form of energy is used to pump water from deep down the earth. It is used to produce electricity but requires a large area for production of the significant amount of energy.

So, these are unique renewable energy sources. These are used in developed and underdeveloped countries for production of energy. These sources are beneficial for the economy of countries. This form of energy applies less cost of production which in turn beneficial for people. People have to pay less amount of bills by consuming electricity produced by these sources. These sources are unique in term of benefits provided to people of society and energy sector.